RFID an innovative technology



RFID technology has become one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years.

But it is not a recent innovation, far from it. Some studies indicate that the origin of RFID dates back to World War II, when the British, who wanted to be able to distinguish enemy aircraft from their own aircraft, placed a tag on their aircraft that emitted a signal to warn that they were aircraft. allies.







Benefits of using RFID solutions in the Health Sector

  • Error reduction. Thanks to the use of RFID technology, the different areas of the health sector can be managed in a more intelligent and effective way.
  • Time saving. The automated control provided by RFID technology reduces management time by staff and translates into direct economic savings.
  • Greater control over medications. Both at the level of inventory and location as well as due to its expiration date, inventory control and stock increases in products duly labeled with RFID.
  • More Control and security. Thanks to the access control of health personnel and the monitoring of patients so that they receive the correct dose of medication.

Benefits of using RFID solutions in the Manufacturing Sector

• Inspection without the need for physical examination.
• Less time in preparation processes in warehouses and distribution centers.
• Goods mobility management from a remote center.
• Optimization of internal processes such as batch management, dates and properties
• Speed ​​in packaging and labelling.
• Reduction of operating costs.
• Real-time reports (big data) with guaranteed information.

Benefits of using RFID solutions in the Logistics Sector

• Special sensors adapted to the needs of temperature and transport within the plant.
• Reduction of costly time errors.
• Recording of conveyor signals at specific points, this allows precise location and coordination with travel sensors.
• Progress tracking for assembly line procedures.
• Documentation of process steps directly on the workpiece carrier.
• Helps to meet delivery deadlines in an automated manner.
• Faster data transmission and low maintenance, reducing the time per station.


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