• mobile-managementAzara extends the WiNG 5 architecture to combine the proven functionality of Zebra’s enterprise-grade WLAN with the simplicity and flexibility of managing WLAN infrastructure from the cloud. Along with a true enterprise-class network which is scalable and reliable, Azara provides:
    • Access from anywhere – a single login and an Internet connection are all that is needed to manage your enterprise WLAN
    • Ability to provision access points & sites in minutes – connects to Azara through a secure tunnel (secured via SSL) over the Internet

• Out-of-band deployment – data traffic does not flow through Azara cloud
• Intelligence at the edge for controller-less deployments – powered by Smart RF technology for optimal WLAN coverage
• RF decisions can be made locally at the site and coordinated by the access points
• Highly resilient site network survivability; no degradation of services in the event of WAN failures or loss of connectivity to the cloud infrastructure
• Reliability and optimal performance for business-critical deployments and high-density environments
• Access to all the network analytics of the Zebra NSight platform including troubleshooting
• Service hosted in multiple HIPPA & PCI compliant data centers for high availability & redundancy backed by 99.99% SLA guarantee for service availability
Freedom from the unpredictability of providing connectivity. Today, mobile devices outnumber the total population of planet Earth and by 2017 there will be over 10 billion mobile devices in use around the globe.* The world’s thirst for connectivity shows no signs of slowing down; the demand on enterprise networks to be fast and reliable has grown immensely. Businesses, big and small, are now challenged to quench that thirst and are dealt new sets of hurdles including higher capital investments, unpredictable expenses, slower deployments, lackluster connectivity, and scalability issues.
Choosing the cloud as a solution Cloud-based networking is a viable management alternative to solve the issues companies face when challenged by the influx of more and more traffic.

But what is “Cloud-based networking” and how can it help your business?

• Connectivity with reduced hardware and software investments
• Easy-to-use configurations – IT resources unburdened from day-to-day management
• Simple implementation of consistent policies across networks

Key Benefits of Azara

• Provides an enterprise wireless LAN cloud management solution, as well as enterprise-grade access points – built from the ground-up to deliver uncompromised performance
• Supports flexible infrastructure to provide unlimited scalability
• Delivers fast automated deployments, configuration, and setup
• Leverages Zebra’s WiNG 5 architecture which supports intelligence at the edge for controller-less cloud deployments
• Maintains optimal coverage and performance powered by Smart RF
• Enables enterprise asset intelligence and deeper visibility into the network
• Hosted at SAS70 Type II certified data centers

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