Wireless for Industrial Control Systems

Wireless networks being used for industrial control applications?wireless-for-industrialized-control-systems

Historically, industry has been hesitant to introduce wireless technologies into the industrial control environment due to reliability, guaranteed response, and security concerns. However, cost, safety, distance, and flexibility issues are driving the adoption and implementation of wireless technologies into more and more industrial control applications. Examples of these are plentiful and include: automated guided vehicles (AGV’s), industrial cranes, remote sensors, energy controls within buildings, etc. To help make this a reality, today’s wireless networks incorporate technologies that rival or in some cases exceed the capabilities of traditional wired networks.

There is a view among many that wireless networks have become commoditized to the point where formal designs are no longer important. While this may be true for some environments, it is NOT true for industrial control environments. In these environments many factors must be considered:

  • Is my network redundant in case I lose a component?
  • Do I have seamless roaming throughout my network?
  • Are there potential sources of interference that could affect network stability and/or performance
  • Do I have minimum data throughput requirements?
  • Can I effectively accommodate the anticipated number of clients that will exist in my environment?

The design of wireless networks for industrial control systems requires an elevated knowledge of RF properties, a thorough understanding of the network components to be utilized, and an additional level of sensitivity to the target environment.

Versona Systems has been providing Wireless Solutions for the Industrial Control Environment for well over 10 years. We understand the nuances of operating a wireless network around moving metal, sources of liquid, and other RF-hostile elements and environments. Our RF engineers also possess the highest levels of wireless certifications offered by the industry (ex – Cisco’s Advanced Wireless, Aruba’s Certified Mobility Professional, etc.).

If you’d like to know more about Versona Systems capabilities in your industrial control application, please contact 713-654-8200 or Sales@VersonaSystems.com.