Competition is intense for today’s manufacturer. The global marketplace makes having a productive and efficient supply chain mandatory for each company.

Since supply chains are inherently complex—from logistics to warehousing, outsourcing, and more—you shouldn’t risk not having the necessary data to make decisions in real time. If you don’t have real-time data, you may end up with inefficiencies in your labor force or wasted resources, both of which lead to decreased profits.

So as a manufacturer, it is imperative that you have full operational visibility. This helps you streamline your workflows, save money, and have an efficient workforce. To achieve these outcomes, you need continuous improvement in your supply chain to keep pace with inevitable changes. Continuous improvement allows you to always deliver the right asset in the right place at the right time.

How Do I Achieve Full Operational Visibility?
This is where technology comes into play. The tools and solutions Versona Systems and Zebra Technologies offers are designed to connect your systems; RFID and software give you the visibility to increase productivity.

Visibility solutions allow you to push the boundaries on production and logistics. When you can connect data, devices, processes, and events, you can make better and more informed choices for design, production, and volumes.

One way to obtain full operational visibility is to embrace RFID. An RFID system can help alleviate many issues you probably deal with on a daily basis in your plant or warehouse. If you experience inaccuracies with your shipping or receiving, have weak inventory management, or are performing excessive scanning, RFID can make your processes more efficient.

Since almost every asset, part, or component already receives a label or a tag, tags are easily scannable with RFID technology. With RFID, you can read up to 200 tags or labels at once, significantly reducing the time needed to scan. And since each item is already tagged, you can keep track of its location in real time as it moves through your supply chain. RFID also allows you to store up to 100 times more data on a tag or label than a barcode.

Manufacturing and warehousing teams use RFID tags for many critical applications. You can use RFID for item-level tagging, package validation, theft protection, and traceability requirements. With RFID technology, there is no line-of-sight requirement between the tag and the reader, so you can enumerate and record pallet loads in significantly less time than when using a barcode label. Moreover, with RFID, you will have more data to help you make decisions and improve the workflows and efficiencies in your supply chain.

So how do you analyze all your new data? That’s where our RainVue cloud-based, RFID software helps give you more clarity on your operations. With RainVue, you are always prepared for the unexpected because you can track your assets, supplies, and products throughout the supply chain.

Using software that’s designed for supply chain management is critical to effectively making continuous improvements. Zebra’s RFID hardware solutions and RainVue empower your operation to run more efficiently. If you’ve never had item-level, hands-free scanning, that alone will be a significant improvement for your supply chain.

Specifically, RainVue software helps you implement advanced shipping notifications and dashboard reporting. The software will ensure you have full operational visibility over your supply chain, even across multiple suppliers. With proper attention to detail, 100 percent shipping accuracy is achievable.

Get the Data You Need to Improve Your Supply Chain
RFID can be confusing at first because it’s more than just buying a scanner. You need to engineer a solution that consists of printers, readers, labels or tags, and the proper integration with your host computer systems. If you are interested in seeing how RFID can help your supply chain, give us a call. We help companies engineer the hardware and software solutions for their supply chain, including custom RFID solutions or proprietary products that may sacrifice functionality for implementation speed and lower cost.

We’ll perform a detailed RFID Feasibility Analysis that will show you exactly how you can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate uncertainty. Contact us today at 713-654-8200 or!

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