Zebra TC8000 Handheld

TC8000 ZebraThe new TC8000 Zebra handheld enterprise computer just hit the market in 2016. It has undergone a major ergonomic redesign that now lets users read its display with fewer wrist motions because of the top mounted display. This new parallel screen reduces wrist strain and repetitive motion injuries. The screen can also be operated by a finger or gloved hand.

It also has a state of the scanner that includes a hands free proximity scanner allowing users to scan an item without pulling the scan trigger. It can also read an entire document with one scan because of the 8 megapixel auto focus option coupled with Simulscan document capture software, which now makes it easier to capture multiple bar codes and entire forms with a single scan.

Don’t forget about software on this unit. The All-touch terminal emulation which automatically updates legacy TE “green screen” application on the unit without any involvement from your IT department with easy to create custom keyboards for different application screens to simplify data entry. And All-touch TE is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, ready to boost productivity right out of the box.

“The TC8000 mobile computer represents the greatest advancement in warehouse technology in more than two decades with its revolutionary design contributing to an extra hour of productivity per worker per shift without disrupting existing IT systems,” Bill Burns, senior vice president of enterprise visibility and mobility at Zebra, said in a statement. “Warehouses are evolving from simplified operations to tightly integrated profit centers as companies increasingly rely on analytics to drive business decisions. Watch this video and see the unit in action, https://youtu.be/ZN2ahg2AArI . The TC8000 will help warehouse workers be more efficient and deliver more accurate information, ultimately helping businesses operate more profitably.”

Versona Systems is excited about this new ground breaking Zebra handheld. We believe the market is overdue for a new look and feel which will improve productivity for your workers. Contact our team of experts who will get you up and running in no time.

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