Power BI, Smart Decisions


Power BI is a business analysis tool developed by Microsoft that allows the user to connect, analyze and visualize their business data, providing relevant information that is not always available at a glance.


This tool allows you to make assumptions about what is going to happen in the future and to do so, detect patterns in the data that you then use to predict what will happen. This allows generating forecasts and adapting to demand at all times.

You can view your information using any mobile device and share the latest information with users.

Power BI is built to simplify the way you analyze and share big data using Azure, it will reduce time to insight and increase collaboration between business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.

Great benefits with Microsoft Power BI

  • Unify data analysis

    Get a single platform to meet all your data analytics needs.


  • Collaboration with third parties

    Access powerful information management tools and applications.

  • Big data with Microsoft Azure

           Access a limitless data lake with Azure to reduce and simplify analysis time and management of big data, increasing collaboration between business analysts, engineers, and data scientists.

  • Artificial Intelligence

           Find quick answers. It helps users who are not data management specialists prepare their data, build machine learning models, and quickly draw insights from structured and unstructured data.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365

           Easily connect Microsoft Excel® queries, data models, and reports to your Microsoft Power BI dashboards. Quickly collect, analyze, publish and share all your business data.

  • Automate your workflows

         Gain insights from data to help you make informed decisions with the Microsoft Power Platform and its Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Power Automate business apps. Leaving you time for other daily tasks.

  • Real time analysis

           Know what is happening right now; from sensors located in factories to data from your social networks, information always available to make timely decisions.


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