Scalable, secure, hybrid modernization for retail with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

With change brought on by global events, the continued hyper-growth of e-commerce, and the increased focus on data security, retail businesses have a pressing need to focus technology investments on driving innovation, hardening consumer data security, and building deeper connections with customers. Cloud technology can help, but not all retail workloads can live in the cloud.

With Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, bring the benefits of the cloud to your retail branch sites, providing:

  • Ability to manage and govern VMs from a single control plane.
  • Security and risk management.
  • Scalability and high availability.
  • Application modernization.
  • Marketing integration.
  • Disaster recovery.

Remaining competitive with today’s retail giants means having centralized visibility and management across all your business’s stores, warehouses, suppliers, and more. With a limited IT team and associated physical infrastructure, including sites with no infrastructure at all, you need your computing infrastructure investments to be easy to deploy and cost-efficient to manage, especially as you deal with disruptions originating outside the walls of your business.

Any new solution you choose must be able to live in the small computing spaces allotted at each site, and it must be flexible enough to handle variable communications at the edge while providing security that grows to meet both existing and emerging threats. The solution must also be able to unify disparate data sources to provide new business insights while still maximizing uptime for POS (point of sale) installations and the often vast IoT deployments necessary to support a retail site.

The new solution should reduce deployment costs for new applications and enable aging applications to run efficiently until replacements are available. With distributed development and deployment, the solution should enable high availability for app investments while leveraging the cloud to support progressive scalability for the future, without incurring additional costly IT investments or cumbersome deployment cycles.

With a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), combining virtualized storage, computing, and networking into a single optimized package, you benefit from greater simplicity and flexibility for your IT infrastructure needs. Azure Stack HCI brings hyperconverged infrastructure to your retail computing environment, delivering a world-class, integrated virtualization stack built on proven technologies that have already been deployed at scale with hybrid cloud capabilities built in. With Azure Stack HCI:

  • Gain the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure without sacrificing legacy functionality.
  • Improve workload virtualization and enhance performance and scalability.
  • Decrease your datacenter complexity while reducing operational costs.
  • Leverage intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence.
  • Enable high availability for POS instances.

Versona Systems has experts ready to serve you and take your business to optimal digitalization. We can also offer you our scalable solutions to the cloud.

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