This Christmas put your company on the nice list

Santa asked me to let you know that his workshop is in full production. With millions of toys to make and deliver each year, Santa and his elves rely on a robust hybrid WMS solution to organize, pack, and deliver packages correctly, and all in one night.

Santa’s Workshop is a very busy place in normal years. But this year it is even busier having just come out of the global supply chain shutdown.

Last year, Santa was able to deliver his payload on time and all in one night. This year, Santa needs to distribute even more gifts. To make that possible, we are working with Santa’s workshop at the North Pole to help with everything from raw material management to product allocation. They use a combination of barcode scanning, robotics, and RFID technologies hosted in the cloud to manage this critical distribution phenomenon.

Let us introduce you to RainVue by Versona Systems™ – an RFID asset management platform that takes RFID tracking beyond just one location. It is a digital visualization solution that provides you with enhanced inventory tracking throughout the life cycle of your assets. As your assets are being scanned by RFID fixed readers and handheld devices, you can identify and drive out shipping inaccuracies before items are shipped. At the same time your data is being stored in the cloud, allowing you to use it to predict supply chain issues in the future.

RainVue was built to give your business enhanced visibility across multiple locations within or outside of your own enterprise system. Combined with award-winning RFID products from Zebra Technologies, rainVue by Versona Systems, offers you a near real-time cloud-based tracking solution that results in the most accurate information from anywhere, at any time, and at an affordable cost.

I bet Santa and his elves are busy right now making gifts for all the kids on his good list. RainVue allows him to deliver to the right places, and on time. Don’t get put on Santa’s bad list at your company. Contact us now for more information how we can keep you and your company on Santa’s good list.

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