The rugged go-anywhere design is at home indoors, outside, in snow and rain, sub-zero cold and blazing heat, mounted in forklifts and trucks, and even in bright sunshine.



1. Meet the needs of practically any job.

Three models meet the needs of different types of jobs and different types of workers letting you standardize on a single platform while giving each worker the device that best supports their individual job demands. When size and weight matter, the XSlate gives workers a lightweight traditional tablet design.

The XPad offers an integrated rigid handle for easy carrying, along with an integrated barcode scanner. And add a rugged keyboard and KickStrap to transform the XSlate into an XBook for heavy data entry.


2. Stay connected no matter what.

Support for 5G1 /4G gives workers access to the fastest cellular speeds. The L10ax Windows is the only device in its class to offer support for Wi-Fi 6E, including the new 6 GHz spectrum, for faster wireless speeds, greater network capacity and lower latency. Wi-Fi 6E and 5G pave the way for new technologies like robotics and augmented reality and with the L10ax Windows, you’ll be ready..

The L10ax/L10 also support CBRS2 and public safety networks, along with five pass-through antennas for stronger in vehicle coverage.


3. Use it virtually anywhere.

The L10’s rugged go-anywhere design is built for your harshest environments. Waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof, the L10ax/L10 can be used in sub-zero cold and blazing heat, in forklifts and trucks. Its magnesium frame is stronger than steel, and lighter than aluminum! The capacitive touch screen works with fingers, gloves, even in rain and snow. And the ultra-bright View Anywhere® 1000 Nit display is easy to read indoors and in bright sunlight, ensuring workers can always see the data they need for the job.


4. Accessorize to make your workers more productive.

Create the perfect tablet solution with a broad range of accessories. Carrying options include a top handle, carrying case, shoulder strap and Kick Strap. Add a rugged backlit keyboard. Choose the optional active Wacom digitizer display and pens. An extended battery provides up to 25 hours of power. And we offer industrial, vehicle and office docks.

The L10ax is backward compatible with L10 accessories, and we have a legacy of shared accessories over generations preserving your investment and lowering accessory churn.


5. Take collaboration and productivity to the next level.

With the L10ax/L10 Windows, you get all the security, manageability, and compatibility of Windows 10. And with the L10ax Windows, you also get the added value of exclusive Zebra software tools. With Zebra Workforce Connect solutions, you can easily deploy enterprise-class PTT and secure text messaging to make your team even tighter.

123Scan makes it easy to configure the XPad’s scanner and format captured data for your applications. And with Power Precision batteries, workers can monitor battery health right on the tablet.


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