It is with mixed emotion that Versona Systems is announcing the retirement of Doug Allardyce on December 31, 2016. After 39 years in the business, Doug has decided that he will be moving on to the next phase of his life. He has made many long lasting friendships with customers, partners and co-workers. Doug has lived in Michigan his entire life and will continue to live here and enjoy his favorite past time sailing. His new office will be located on the beautiful waters of Lake Erie. He also shares this passion with his daughter, so watch the newspaper for their future race wins.

The entire Versona Team wishes Doug luck in retirement and “Thank” him for his years of service to us and our customers.

Tool Equipment Software


Stock N Roll helps companies of all sizes maximize tool and equipment utilization, improve productivity and safety by ensuring the accurate real-time tracking of equipment at the point of issue and return.
Our software allows equipment rental, construction, maintenance and repair organizations to maintain complete visibility of their returnable and consumable inventory whether it is in the warehouse, issued to an employee or contractor, or out for service. This is a short video explaining the benefits of Stock N Roll.



Stock N Roll is an easy-to-use product that tracks and manages inventory of returnable assets such as tools, instruments and non-returnable consumable items at the point of issue. Using a comprehensive tool, location and employee database, coupled with a simple and accurate bar code or RFID-based transaction system from Honeywell, Stock N Roll tracks the issue and return of assets to employees and contractors, and the transfer of assets between various warehouse, job site, service center and tool room locations. If you are interested in the features of Stock N Roll this video includes a demonstration and explanation of the product.



Stock N Roll generates fast payback and high levels of ROI. In several studies conducted by large construction companies that have deployed Stock N Roll, overall tool room losses declined to near zero levels and queue times dropped below 2 minutes per checkout/check-in visit.
At most sites where Stock N Roll has been deployed, payback of costs was measured in weeks with subsequent savings going straight to the bottom line.

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