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After performing wireless survey / design activities for a customer, the logical next step is a physical installation in the deployment process. The Survey Report, produced in the previous phase, is designed to provide anyone with enough information to be able to successfully install all of the wireless components. We understand that many customers prefer to take responsibility for the installation phase – either by using their own employees or by using their favorite cabling contractor. However, for those customers preferring a “turn-key” implementation, Versona Systems can also provide required installation services.

Speaking of “turn-key”, we try to structure our installation services in a way that makes sense for the customer. For instance, a lift will most likely be required during the installation of the AP’s. If a customer already has a lift that we can use, then we can reduce the price of the installation since we won’t need to rent a lift in their geography. Our installation services are designed to provide you with a professionally installed WLAN, working around your operational constraints, and for a reasonable cost.

Mounting: Our installation professionals will mount your access points, antennas, and switches so you or your IT department can focus on other priorities.

Wireless Hardware: Versona Systems can help individuals and businesses select a hardware vendor because we are familiar with the best brands for your specific needs.

Custom Mount Fabrication: If required, we have the capability to create custom-made mounting hardware for your wireless equipment. We understand that each customer’s environment is potentially different and we have never subscribed to a “one size fits all” approach.

If you’d like to know more about Versona Systems capabilities in your wireless installation, please contact 713-654-8200 or

Certified Professionals

Versona Systems is committed to offering high quality professional IT services. For this reason our staff is in a continuous learning and certification process, partnering with top-leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Zebra and others.