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high-density-wirelessThere are two new realities that IT professionals must now contend with:

1. The number and types of wireless devices that each user carries with them is exploding.
2. Users now expect to be able to access their favorite applications from anywhere and on practically any device.

These two trends are causing network planners to change their paradigm from a single-purpose design philosophy (coverage-centric) to a multi-purpose design philosophy (coverage-centric, capacity-centric, or hybrid) depending upon the particular needs of a given environment. In addition to providing for greater numbers of users in traditional wireless environments, like classrooms and convention centers, these trends are also forcing network planners to consider those environments previously not considered to be in scope: athletic stadiums, concert venues, and transportation vehicles like cruise ships, subways, and jet airliners.

Our technology solutions are helping by introducing access points that provide features beneficial to high-density environments such as:

  • Multiple radios and multi-frequency usage
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Automatic power and channel agility
  • Faster processors for greater throughput
  • New antenna technologies

However, technology improvements alone cannot ensure the successful design and deployment of wireless networks into the variety of mission-critical environments we face today.

Versona Systems has been delivering solutions for high-density environments for many years. More importantly, we have been providing solutions for multiple environment types over the years. This experience provides us with a thorough understanding of both why and how high-density environments are different than the more traditional ‘coverage-centric’ wireless environments.

If you’d like to know more about Versona Systems capabilities in high-density environments, please contact 713-654-8200 or

Certified Professionals

Versona Systems is committed to offering high quality professional IT services. For this reason our staff is in a continuous learning and certification process, partnering with top-leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Zebra and others.