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Do I have enough material on hand to complete this order?

Is my supply chain keeping up?

Is my product quality sufficient to ship?

Are my labor costs in line with plan?

Am I running as efficiently as possible?

Being able to answer these questions is crucial for your business to remain competitive. Answering them accurately and in real-time allows your business to excel and win!

  • Those technologies used to collect and capture the process data. These are collectively called Automated Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) Technologies: Bar Codes (1D/2D), RFID (Active/Passive), Networks (wired/wireless/industrial), SCADA systems, Electronic Scales, Mobile devices (scanners/computers/tablets), Digital Video Cameras, etc.
  • Those technologies used to manage and display the collected process data. These are the technologies that will provide your operations management personnel with the bulk of your Work in Process information. The software that underlies these capabilities can be purchased and configured to meet your requirements or it can be custom developed.
  • Those technologies used to move the collected process data to other “backend” or enterprise systems. Examples of these technologies are: Web Services, File Transfers, Database Replication, etc.
  • The vendors who provide the above technologies. You will need a partner that has relationships with a wide variety of technology vendors. Someone who knows how to navigate the “vendor technology maze.”

And your process experts will need to have experience with:

  • Environmental considerations: Is this a union environment? Are there restricted areas (shipping ports, clean rooms, etc.)? Are there OSHA guidelines? Inside/Outside, Temperature, etc.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development and tracking
  • Discrete vs. Process vs. High-volume Repetitive Manufacturing

We understand your environment, we understand your processes, we know how to select, develop, and procure (if necessary) the appropriate data collection and data management technologies. Most importantly we have a successful track record of introducing these technologies into environments like yours.

A WIP solution from Versona Systems will provide your business with the management tools necessary for access to the process visibility you need to gain and maintain for a competitive advantage. If you’d like to know more about Versona Systems capabilities in WIP solutions, please contact 713-654-8200 or

Certified Professionals

Versona Systems is committed to offering high quality professional IT services. For this reason our staff is in a continuous learning and certification process, partnering with top-leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Zebra and others.