Are you ready to choose RFID and increase your business’s productivity?

Do you know what RFID can do for you?

RFID is the technology that allows you to increase your profitability by capturing, analyzing, and processing your data efficiently and quickly to make crucial decisions. It works by reducing labor costs and increasing accuracy and productivity.

What to expect from RFID in the future?

RFID is helping companies optimize operations in many sectors and across all types of industries, from healthcare and retail to manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

Would you like to know what RFID and the rainVue platform can do for you?

Versona Systems has created a platform for you that meets your business needs in a personalized way.

Let’s explain a little more about rainVue.

rainvue is an RFID cloud-based asset tracking and management platform. It provides RFID tracking across global locations. Although it is a mature platform with many built-in features and reports, it is highly customizable to meet your unique business process flows. It provides enhanced inventory tracking throughout the life cycle of your assets, from point of origin to destination. rainVue is designed to track the last known location of an asset and gives you time-stamped status updates and the ability to assign other attributes associated with that asset like serial number, PO number, and advanced shipping notifications. It is integrated with the Microsoft Power Platform to provide good management tools. rainVue can be easily linked to other databases because it includes standards-based APIs to facilitate integration with other core business systems. Once your data has been collected and stored in the cloud, you can use that data to better manage supply chain issues. rainVue is built to give your business enhanced asset and inventory visibility across multiple locations, within or outside of your ERP or WMS.

Why choose rainVue?

rainVue increased productivity by 35% for one client. At the same time, it exposed process errors that had been occurring for years.

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Versona Systems can also offer the best RFID hardware products for the best platform on the market. rainvue works with state-of-the-art technology.

Take your business to another level with rainVue.

Enable your company to work efficiently by automating data entry. Reduced errors and reduced data entry improve productivity! And if a phone or laptop goes missing, no worries. You can selectively wipe company data remotely as needed.

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