How a manufacturing company can use RFID to optimize production

RFID technology can serve as a powerful tool in manufacturing.  Below is a basic description of the technology, a few of its benefits, and how RFID can be utilized to improve your manufacturing process.

What Is RFID?

RFID, short for Radio Frequency Identification, is a type of technology that uses radio waves to transmit and receive data. The primary components include tags, readers, and antennas.  RFID tags are relatively small and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tags can be attached to virtually any object or container to track its movement and collect data.

How Does RFID Work?

RFID tags use radio waves to exchange data with RFID readers. When a tag is scanned, or interrogated, by an RFID reader, the tag will return a signal that contains its identifying information. The reader can then use this information to access the data stored on the tag or to control the functions of the tag.

Applications for RFID Technology

There are many applications for RFID technology, such as warehouse management, security and manufacturing to name a few. For applications in the manufacturing process, RFID tags are often used to track production or manage inventory and shipments.

Benefits of Using RFID Technology in Manufacturing

Within the manufacturing process, there are a number of benefits in utilizing RFID. These benefits include:

– Improved efficiency in the production process

– Accuracy and quality control in your production line

– Inventory management cost savings from reduction in manual intervention

– Enhanced security with automated access control

How To Implement RFID Technology into Your Manufacturing Process


From a high level standpoint, the  primary steps that you must take to successfully implement RFID technology into your manufacturing process include the following:


– Selecting the right RFID tags and readers for your asset and environment

– Designing the RFID tag tracking system to suit your specific requirements

– Installing and deploying the RFID system in your manufacturing facility

Including the utilization of our RainVue platform, Versona Systems can assist your company with RFID implementation.

With RainVue, you can easily insert RFID tags into your manufacturing process. We can help you create a customized design for your RFID tag tracking system, deploy the RFID system, and configure inventory and shipment tracking mechanisms.

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