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A Platform that came to your company to show you various approaches in your company.

In these times of such radical changes, Microsoft Viva has arrived to make remote work an easier and more dynamic environment. Microsoft Viva is an experience platform at the service of employees whose objective is to combine several Microsoft tools and drastically improve your work cycle.


Integrated with TEAMS

Viva is integrated within Teams and is part of the Microsoft 365 suite. We know that Teams integrates natively with hundreds of solutions and is constantly being added to new services by Microsoft.

The unification of Microsoft Viva promises employers a path to improve the employee experience through these technology solutions to adapt to remote work without any obstacles.



Microsoft Viva has some approaches that fulfill functions dedicated to the well-being of the employee, especially protecting him from falling into feelings of severe burnout

• Live Connections
• Live Insights
• Live Learning
• Live Topics

Benefits of Microsoft Live

• Provides statistics and quantifiable data on the performance of the remote work team.
• Directly attacks labor problems such as stress at work
• Minimizes the slowdown in activities by not having to jump from application to application to fulfill different functions.
• Offers personalized information for each category of team members: operational staff, managers, directors,
• Among other

With Viva, Microsoft is committed to telecommuting and shows us a viable option to connect to the ever-changing world we find ourselves in today.

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