It was the first day of August in 1989, the heat was still warming the streets of America when Bill Gates announced the release of the first version of this famous applications suite, Office, paradoxically, it was released for MAC computers and since then, this amazing product has been part of almost every company’s office and of houses around the globe.

And how to deny it?, everybody has a story to share where Office is involved, from that homework you printed out to that power point presentation for that important customer, and lately, that meeting you had to take in the middle of the traffic, this suite of application came to stay and to be part of our day by day.

Its first version included just Word, Excel and PowerPoint and today’s latest versions include a complete set of applications that help us improve our productivity and get more out of day. With the addition of Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Flow and Power Platform the capabilities of office seem to be unlimited and in constant evolution.

With Microsoft 365 you can have access to all the new features included with Office, and let me tell you something: a simple post won’t be enough to talk about all of them. Office has evolved into a complete platform which includes the Microsoft Dataverse that allows you to create cross-platform applications and automated flows with low or even no code with access to multiple data sources including third-party applications.  Want to learn more?, maybe opt for a 30-day trial?, leave us a message below and an specialist will contact you with more information about the latest version of this powerful platform, the real Microsoft’s Rock Star.

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