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At Versona, we know that your company has an abundance of projects to manage. Our turnkey solutions are designed to be implemented into your current operation to ensure that your business runs smoothly with little to no loss of time. We provide turnkey hardware and software solutions, including integration of workstations, servers, mobile devices, operating systems, databases, and applications. In addition, we offer custom hardware, software, and networking solutions that address your business’ specific needs and goals.

Integrating different computing systems and software applications doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Versona Systems does all the work for you so that you can focus on your business without getting behind. With our turnkey infrastructure improvement, virtualization, and consolidation of applications and data, your business can achieve lower-cost, higher-performance IT and workforce solutions.





Versona System’s turnkey hardware solutions are designed with one thing in mind: simplicity. We link together different systems so that they become a unified whole, optimizing your business operations by ensuring less downtime. Our hardware solutions include servers, workstations, and mobile devices.

Changing doesn’t have to mean undergoing an expensive overhaul. Versona Systems works with your current configuration and helps you develop a comprehensive and responsive system that works and grows with you.



  • Server(s)

Servers are one of the most important components of your computer network. Your servers store your client and business information, run your company’s applications, and hold critical data about your computer network.

Versona Systems offers servers that are ready to go. We simplify deployment at end user sites by shipping custom servers that are pre-loaded and pre-tested with your business’ software and configured to match your environment where required. These turnkey solutions offer you functionality at a much lower cost, allowing you to do more to take your business to the next level.

  • Workstations

Integration is the key to determining that your business is functioning at its optimal pace. Disconnect can quickly lead to errors and miscommunication. At Versona, we know how important it is for your workflow to run smoothly and uninterrupted. We provide turnkey workstation solutions for companies.

Workstations are vital because they allow you to access business data and use applications that are on your network. At Versona, we understand that downtime as a result of non-functioning workstations can impede your ability to run your company. This interruption in service further manifests itself as a loss of profits as well as a loss of credibility with customers.

We offer workstations to meet a variety of industry needs. As an example, we can provide Plant Floor Workstations with the following specifications:

Plant Floor Workstation – PFW

Designed for standard Dell small form factor workstation or comparably-sized computer or thin client
Packaged for industrial applications
Color touchscreen
External connectors for power, ethernet, PS/2, serial, and USB
Wireless LAN and speaker kit options
Adjustable height pedestal and mounting plate options
Expansion box options for inputs/outputs, extra serial and ethernet ports

  • Mobile Devices

Mobility has become an integral part of business operations, transforming the way we live in both our personal and professional lives. With many companies utilizing field and remote employees, connection is more important than ever.

Our mobile computing solutions address the upsurge of communications by providing the very best in mobile software, hardware, connectivity, and services solutions to efficiently mobilize and increase the productivity of today’s ever increasing virtual workforce.

In addition, they are designed to address the special requirements of your traveling, field-based staff. Our programs help ensure secure, reliable access in addition to minimizing any loss of productivity.

There are many benefits when you integrate mobility into your workplace. It can help you speed up your decision-making process because it allows employees to collaborate in real time, regardless of location. Your employees are better able to manage their professional time with their immediate access to corporate email and applications. Our solutions also help to reduce corporate security threats.




Turnkey software solutions allow your company expanded functionality with applications fit to your specific business. We can help configure the software you need for your line of work. Many of our clients work in industries in which proper software management is vital in keeping their business running smoothly. These fast-paced, high-volume environments require software that can keep up with the demand.

Versona Systems is happy to provide software solutions to fit the specific demands of your operation. Whether you need software to track inventory, monitor productivity, replenish supplies, and more, Versona Systems is here to provide what you need.




  • Operating Systems

Users depend on operating systems to run hardware and applications on their computers, and these users can rely on Versona Systems to provide it for them. We consider your company’s needs and assist in providing workable operating systems that meet all of your requirements.

When managing a complex working environment, speed, safety, and reliability in computing and networking are paramount. Versona Systems knows that the operating system you choose can greatly impact the way your business functions. Our turnkey solutions mean that you don’t have to worry about all the technical details. Versona is happy to provide complete assistance with procurement, installation, and support along the way.

  • Database

In today’s digital age, a strong, secure database is essential for any business. At Versona, we know that maintaining an organized collection of data is essential for running your company. We offer a variety of services to fit your database needs, including cloud computing solutions. Cloud database solutions offers portability and accessibility, enabling you to store and access your data anywhere you want to take it.

  • Applications

Applications are programs that permit users to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities. As they are dependent on system software to execute, it is vital to have the proper software configuration. When you need a specific application to fit a function, Versona Systems can connect you with the right one.

  • Custom

When the demands of your business go beyond the scope of what it readily available, Versona can provide customizable software solutions tailored to your needs. We understand that each of our clients has unique end goals and that a one-size-fits-all approach will not always work.

Versona Systems works with you to understand your needs in order to procure and develop software that will help you run your business. Our turnkey solutions are designed to provide seamless integration and ease of use.


It is our star and innovative platform that we can adapt to any business, sector and size to give peace of mind to your process and increase in productivity.


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To remain valuable and relevant, your company must stay connected. The demands of today’s business environment require a global link to everyone. Versona Systems provides you with the connectivity you need to conduct your business with expedience and reliability. From wired to wireless, we can get you up and running and fully connected.





  • Primarily Wireless

Imagine free-range communication that is not impeded by unsightly wires. Wireless networks provide data exchange and communication between various devices on a network through radio signal frequency or electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere.

Versona Systems recognizes that companies operating in today’s world demand wireless technologies to conduct business. Our goal is to give each of our clients wireless networking that delivers speed, reliability, and security. We assess your infrastructure to determine your best fit solution from our range of services which include Wi-Fi, Mesh, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-MultiPoint. We oversee projects from beginning to end, including commissioning and management, ensuring seamless connectivity that will never be a hassle.

  • Limited Wired

While much of the world utilizes wireless services for their on-the-go activities, many businesses find that staying wired works best for their companies. Wired networks provide businesses with security and the ability to move large quantities of data at amazing speeds. In addition, wired connections give your business control over who and what gets online. We provide wired networking solutions for your business, ensuring that your productivity and security are never compromised.

Structured cabling services from Versona Systems deliver the speed and reliability you need to operate at maximum performance. A structured cabling system provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that integrates a wide range of networking needs, including voice, data, electronic safety & security, project management, and audio & video technologies.

We are ready to assist you in any requirement that your business needs. We have the best experts waiting to serve you and the best brands in our partner chain to provide you with the best in the market.    Contact us

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